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Salma Bashir just got a second chance at life, but unfortunately her family is unable to afford it. When Salma was just five, she was injured in a horrific accident in which her intestines were ripped out by a suction valve in a swimming pool. Salma was given just weeks to live unless she received a transplant, but this type of care was not readily available in her home country of Egypt. Her parents appeared local television to raise the $300,000 needed to travel to the USA to receive a life-saving transplant. Unfortunately, Salma’s body rejected the new organ, and after six months it had to be removed. During the surgery, her gallbladder was removed, along with both her large and small intestines, and she was left with a ruptured bladder. In addition, her stomach had to remain open. At the time it was deemed that Salma was not eligible for a second transplant but recently her family discovered that another transplant is, in fact, possible. But this time, she needs multiple organs including small intestines, large intestines, liver, stomach, pancreas, and possibly a kidney. The costs of such an extreme procedure are exorbitant. But it is Salma's only chance at a normal life. Because Salma’s family still lives in the USA on a visitor’s visa due to her medical condition, she is not eligible for public assistance and no insurance company will cover her. Until she receives the transplant, Salma cannot lead anything close to a normal life. Try for a moment to imagine yourself in her place. Imagine being unable to even take an aspirin for a headache because all medications must be taken intravenously. Without a stomach to absorb them, oral medications are not an option. Imagine being unable to go out with friends for a pizza because the only way you can enjoy food is to chew it up and spit it out. Swallowing food is also not an option. Imagine being forced to carry a backpack 24 hours a day to accommodate for the TPN (total parental nutrition) which is the only way to subsist but also destroys the liver and has prohibited proper development since age 5. Imagine ER visits at least once a month, being admitted time and time again for days on end, constant pain with little relief, monthly antibiotics that harm the liver, and using a wheelchair because extended walks are not possible. This is just a small glimpse of the life Salma leads. But this could change drastically with your help. Please consider donating any amount towards funding a miraculous change in Salma’s life. We ask that you share this page to help it go viral. Let’s get the word out on this incredible opportunity to change the life of a young girl, and her family. Salma, her family, and friends want to also ask for prayers and thank you for taking the time to read and share this. May God bless you all. *Also Salma"s mom Dena Ghaly will be taking care of the money withdrawals. Everything goes into a savings account until we have raised the money needed.



Slay with Salma


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    Praying for you!! Strong is the only thing you know, don’t forget! 😘

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