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Hi everyone! My name is Ashley and I’m the owner of KISSMENOW PRODUCTS, LLC. I started KMN about 3 years ago when I wanted to dip into the business world. I started off with a little shop on Etsy selling lip balms and lip scrubs, which is what my company is known for. I never thought I would be here where I am today but with motivation and hard work came with so many accomplishments. Sometimes I wondered if all this would pay off in the end and had many doubts in myself. Once I gained the confidence in myself & in my business I then pushed myself into a whole other level. Who would have thought a small business would have a well known celebrity Cardi B wear their products?! I was shocked! KMN products speak for themselves. I’ve always wanted to make sure my quality was on point in anything I put out there and at an affordable price. I am a mother of three and a wife so I understand how being affordable for anyone is a huge deal. Thank you if you’ve read this far and I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. I am working on being the next big brand in the beauty community! I want positivity to be seen in this community and I can do that through my vision in my products. I believe anyone, ANYONE can SLAY. Everyone is already beautiful!! Makeup doesn’t make you beautiful it boosts up your confidence. If KMN can do that for you then my goal is accomplished. Love you all KMN babes,

CEO Social Media:
Here's a little look into my journey!
Took me forever to figure out my logo...UGH this was before
Created my logo & trademarked it! YASSS! KMN was legit lol
My first big collab with Judi Jai from Bad Girls Club, Oxygen Network.
Testing out formulas and new lip scrub flavors!
So many things happened this year..!
I started to get more orders than my usual 5-10 a week, thank god lol Also putting stickers on each jar would take me hours.
I dipped into the lash game & lipstick game!
Started working with Facebook live Influencers that are killing the game now BTW.
My first Influencer Collab with Makeup by Paul & Jenn! Sold out twice in less than a week!
Collaborated with the beautiful Rawbeauty By Natalie
This year was amazing! KMN had amazing collaborations plus we cannot forget about Cardi B & Ashanti wearing KISSMENOW! I'll post all the photos here! Thank you so much KMN babes, this year was a success and I cannot wait to see where 2020 leads us!
The lash that made KMN blow up, Soulmate 6D Mink lash

Cardi B & Ashanti wearing KissMeNow!
This collab was amazing with the beautiful Mustbecindy! Sold out every time!
Created my first CUSTOM EYESHADOW PALETTE! Can't wait to see what palettes to create next, I have learned so much! (still available for purchase!)
This year ending with a BANG! Lash Collaboration out now with Slay with Salma! Buy yours today before they sell out plus a percentage from every purchase goes directly to Salma!
 Wait! One more thing! I was invited to my FIRST influencer event by famous youtuber Richlux! *tears* It was so much fun and I cannot wait to attend more and be recognized by many! 
Me & my best friend/hubby (who's supported KMN all the way all day everyday!)
There is A LOT more that happened this year! If you want to keep up with my journey make sure you follow us on social media! I LOVE YOU ALL!
Instagram: @kissmenowproducts

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I have a question? I’m looking for a natural lashes to wear what do u recommend? I want it to look full but not overly dramatic it’s for everyday use ?

Gloria Taylor January 07, 2020

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